White Glossy Sublimation Puzzle by INNOSUB USA
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Sublimation Digital LED Alarm Clock by INNOSUB

White Glossy Sublimation Puzzle, 7.5" x 9.5", 30 Pieces to assemble

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1) Pre-press puzzle, imaging-side face down, for 20 seconds or until the steam stops venting, whichever comes first. Be sure to cover the imaging side of the puzzle with 2 sheets of protective paper for felt puzzles and 1 sheet for gloss puzzles. The imaging side of the fabric puzzle is the fuzzy or glossy side. 
2) Remove puzzle from the press and allow to cool fully before imprinting.
3) Lightly mist the transfer with Pro Spray. 
4) Cover the press with 1 or 2 sheets of protective paper depending on type of puzzle used.
5) Place the transfer face down on the puzzle and smooth wrinkles.
6) Place puzzle, imaging side face-up onto the bottom rubber platen and cover with a sheet of protective paper.
7) Press using Temp/Time/Pressure settings listed above.

Should puzzles appear warped after imprinting, place them on a Cool Plate or other flat cool surface (while the puzzles are hot), cover with plain paper and place a weighted object on top of the puzzle. 

Sometimes, larger puzzles will have isolated areas of image drop-out. You will recognize this as a localized spot where portions of the image appear blurred. This problem can be resolved by using higher pressure and 20 more seconds on subsequent runs. 

If you see colors running or bleeding beyond areas where they should be, be sure you have preheated the puzzle (according to the guidelines above). If you still see the problem, try again and decrease dwell time to by a few seconds.

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